Kyee Shwe & Sister

Personal Protective Equipment Supplier Company



Kyee Shwe & Sister Company was established in 1986. It has started its work by inventing, producing and distributing Seamen Accessories and Equipment. In 1989, it has placed orders for high quality goods from Thailand and China. It imported and distributed there goods in domestic market. In 1994, PPE products of Singapore, Thailand and China with ISO recommendation were imported and distributed. Since 2002, this company has been importing and distributing high quality products from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China up to now.
The high quality products imported from foreign countries by Kyee Shwe & Sister Company are being utilized in such industries as Seamen, Construction, Oil & Gas, (Jade Mine) or (Quarry Mine). Boiler Caps (Covers) invented by Kyee Shwe & Sisters Company have been exported.
In addition to joint importing of products having international certificates and ISO together with international business enterprises, the company has been manufacturing products of consumer’s choice in co-operation with foreign factories.
Kyee Shwe & Sisters Company is importing and producing only those high quality products which are harmless and reliable, which do not endanger to life of user and which has safety in work site and on job condition. At the same time, the company in also exporting its product.
Kyee Shwe & Sister Company has made effort to acquire recognition and recommendation certificate in the country and it will distribute only reliable and safety PPE products.